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Field trip to Farming on 30 th December as a part of Experiential learning.

Kairos international school Principal,Mrs.Krishna sri Lokinendi has organized a field trip to Farming on 30 th December as a part of Experiential learning. The students of stage 6,7,8 have visited Chevella village for a hands-on experience with active farming. The students enjoyed the natural landscape in a village area and observed the fields of different fruits, vegetables and flowers on their way. The process of farming was demonstrated to the students after a thanksgiving prayer to the Mother Earth.

The demonstration included seed selection, selecting the land and airing, making manure, seed dibbling and irrigation. Firstly, the students were given simple tools like rake, tape and seeds and they were asked to repeat the process of farming right from measuring the area to sowing the seeds and watering them. Secondly, the students enjoyed harvesting-entering into the muddy fields to plant the saplings in rows and columns. Thirdly, they pounded the grains using the ancient traditional grain mill called ‘thiragali/chakki’. Lastly, they made an organic mixture using garlic and neem and sprayed it on the plants. The students not only learnt concepts of science but also learnt the value of food and realized the hardships of a farmer in growing crops. The students also could see and feel the animals like goats,rabbit,hen,cows.The students were thrilled to drink the cow’s milk directly. The students said they enjoyed the trip and it was great learning.The students also enjoyed the petting of animals and milking the cows. Finally, the team of students and teachers started back while enjoying the taste of organic and farm fresh sweet corn. This proved to be a memorable field trip for one and all.


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