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What Makes Kairos Unique

The distinct features that make Kairos a sought after school are many. To create a flourishing future for the emerging adults of the world, the school has adopted a holistic approach to learning. Every student is assured of personalized attention, thus building a trusting student-teacher relationship. We believe that our students should pass out as responsible, balanced, creative, happy and knowledgeable globally competent players. The vibrant community with a feeling of togetherness is conducive to building strong bonds for life with fellow students and the teachers.

A Different thinking approach

At Kairos we adopt a three-prong approach to grooming the students to be global citizens. Well rounded development with an innate sense of values is what Kairos endeavours to impart to children. Hence, our strategy concentrates on value-based education, personality development and speech craft.

The Potential of the Future

Carpe diem! Seize the day. Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities! Exploring options, analysing them and taking considered decisions needs confidence. This is what we build in our school.

An Exceptionally flourishing campus of global standards

The serene surroundings on an expansive 2-acre campus with world-class facilities, are absolutely conducive for children to learn enthusiastically. Understanding and appreciating nature under the canopy of trees in the campus sensitises children towards the delicate eco-system.

A Learning Space that is all-inclusive

Creating an enjoyable learning environment through experiential learning. There are ample open learning spaces on the campus of Kairos International School, which encourage joyful and experiential learning. Physical comfort is ensured by air-conditioned and smart, ergonomically designed classrooms. The safety of our students is of prime importance to us. Learning is more effective when children feel safe and are carefree.

Pedagogy for Progress

Flourishing students are the result of a well researched and effectively implemented pedagogy. Experiential learning and connecting the dots in real life patterns ensure better understanding with long term retention.

A Definite road to success and flourishing future

With a strong foundation of concepts and an attitude of enquiry, the road to success is a sure shot.

Excellence continuously redefined and reinvented

Changing perspectives on education, changing requirements, changing aspirations all go a long way in designing the pedagogy of teaching at Kairos on a continuing basis.