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  • Cambridge programs inspire students to love learning, helping them discover new abilities and exposing them to a wider perspective of the world. Kairos encourages learners to develop in-depth subject knowledge and higher- order thinking skills like– problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration and presenting arguments. We help students develop life skills besides pursuing academic excellence at all levels.

Cambridge Learner Attributes


Why CAIE?​

Acknowledged across the world,  Cambridge qualifications often open doors for students to some of the best global universities.  CAIE empowers students with a strong skill-set as they start looking at the world from a global perspective, without any inhibitions or traditional boundaries.  CAIE is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities as equivalent to Indian boards, hence parents aspiring for Engineering Examinations (AIEEE, IIT, etc.) or Medical Examinations (PMT, AIIMS CPMT, etc. ) can still appear without apprehension.







II language(Hindi/French)

Global perspectives

Social studies


The methodology for assessing conceptual understanding, deep subject knowledge, and higher-level thinking skills are two pronged:

  • Cambridge Progression Tests(marked in school)
  • Cambridge Primary and Secondary Checkpoint(marked by Cambridge examiners)

The tests are marked in Cambridge and each learner receives a diagnostic report and a statement of achievement. The Cambridge Global Perspectives assessment is marked by teachers and is moderated in Cambridge.

Cambridge Secondary 2 (Stage 9&10)

Secondary Programme 2 focuses on preparing students for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE). Within IGCSE, students at Kairos international school become a part of the International Certificates in Education (ICE) awards where they take subjects from all the five curriculum areas given by Cambridge and satisfy certain conditions laid out by CAIE. With a two-year curriculum, students are exposed to learner-centric and enquiry-based approaches to learning to develop skills in critical thinking, and problem-solving.


English -1st language

Hindi, French and Spanish - 2nd language


Economics / History


Physics, Chemistry ,Biology /Combined Science


Extended Math



Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Languages Social Sciences Sciences Mathematics Creative, Technical Vocational
English Economics/ History Physics Extended Math ICT
Hindi/French/Spanish Chemistry
Combined Science

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (Marked by Cambridge)

Cambridge Primary Progression( Marked in school

  • Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is a diagnostic testing service that is marked in Cambridge and each learner receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic report that helps young learners by giving comprehensive feedback in each subject area on their strengths and weaknesses.

    The Cambridge Global Perspectives assessments are marked by teachers and moderated in Cambridge.

    Question papers are sent to the exam officer in a sealed courier which is then stored in a safe room with an alarm. After administration again the answer scripts are sent to Cambridge for correction. Parents can use the login id to view the results of students online.


  • Provides detailed information about the performance of each student for stages 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    Enable learning to be assessed every year.

    Enable teachers to compare the individuals and groups with strengths and weaknesses.

    Enable teachers to provide well-structured feedback to learners and parents.

    Come with clear standards, guidance, and mark schemes.

    Tests are marked by teachers at school.

    We provide a reporting tool for Cambridge Primary Progression Tests. We upload learners’ test results and then analyze the results and create print reports. We can also compare a learner’s results against their class, school or other schools around the world on a year-by-year basis.

Cambridge Primary Programme

Students of stages 1 to 5 study English, Mathematics and Science along with a Second Language, ICT, Social Studies and Global Perspectives. Global Perspectives focuses on Critical thinking and enhances skills of research, evaluation,analysis, communication, and collaboration among the student.The ICT program cultivates skills in Information and Communication among the students.The school offers French and Hindi as second language.

Kairos international school

Cambridge Secondary Programme

Student led conference at Kairos

Cambridge Secondary Students of Stages 6 to 8Kairos international school, the Best CAIE Schools in Hyderabad, study English, Mathematics and Science, ICT, Global Perspectives and Social Studies and one Second language. The Second languages offered are Hindi and French.

Assessment will be both Formative and Summative. Formative Assessment includes presentations, day-to-day activities, projects and lab work. Summative Assessment includes Progression Examinations at the end of each term. The Cambridge Secondary 1 Checkpoint examination is taken in the subjects English, Science, and Mathematics at the end of Stage 8. This is a diagnostic assessment to compare individuals and classes, check to learn, and report progress to students, parents, and teachers. Secondary Checkpoint 1 provides detailed feedback about a student’s strengths and weakness