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Transport with Trust

A Trusted commute to and from school

Kairos International Schools provides hassle-free transportation facilities for students and teachers. The transportation facilities are optional. The highlights of the facilities provided are:

The Fleet

We are currently operating our own fleet of buses. Each bus is deployed with an attendant to help students board and deboard the bus. We have more than a twelve buses operational all across our branches.

Well Trained Team

We have a dedicated transport team at Kairos that includes drivers and additional support staff working under the guidance of the transport in charge of each branch. we exercise high care to offer an easy-to-use and comfortable commute experience for all our students.

Breathe Analyzer Tests

We conduct Breathe Analyser Tests to inculcate strict discipline among drivers and ensure safe travel for all commuters. We also organize special orientation sessions for newly joined drivers. Transportation Department also conducts periodic fitness tests for all drivers.

Bus Routes

At present, Kairos Schools are operating 10 to 20 Bus Routes in each branch that are at various distances from the school. These buses provide transportation services to students and teachers within a radius of 20 km from the school.

Mobile App Support

In Kairos Parent Mobile App, students who opt for school transportation receive an exclusive Transportation Support Module. It provides routing information, pickup and drop locations, timings, etc. They will receive regular SMS alerts regarding transportation-related issues/concerns.

Regular Cleaning

The accompanying attendants ensure cleaning and dusting of buses every day in the morning before starting for pickup. All the buses are washed and serviced at regular intervals.

Drivers Health & Fitness Check up

Kairos always ensures the safety of not only our students but also our drivers and makes sure they are performing at their best while on the road. The school provides drivers with fitness training and safety rules and regulations to facilitate a successful educational experience.