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Curriculum Related Queries

  • Kairos offer both Cambridge and CBSE Curriculum.
  • Pre-Primary is combination of Kindergarten, Montessori and Waldorf.
  • I-V Cambridge
  • VI & VII CBSE and Cambridge
Every child has different educational needs, International curriculum is the best solution. International curriculum brands children future-ready, International curriculum has become important for a globalized world. These improve the chances of overseas Higher education opportunities. Teachers use best practices around the world in international schools. Many parents prefer International education, to give them education with international standards. International schools emphasize Holistic education. The best features of International Curriculum are to be value based, value added.

The curriculum is encompassment of
  • International approaches and Standards of teaching
  • Hands-on learning
  • Teach Values of tolerance
  • Develop Curiosity
  • Provide opportunity to explore
  • Open mindedness
  • Develop understanding
  • Life Skills
  • Gender sensitiveness
  • Care and concern for environment

General Queries

Yes. Optional. Parent can choose. School is a day boarding.
  • Infirmary
  • IT infra
  • After school activities

Parent has to walk in to the campus for fee details. NO. Please demand for quality, don’t ask for
concessions. Parent can pay fee through MCB gateway.

Admission process closes by March. Better to be an early bird.

Yes. Transportation is available for the children in and around the 15 Kms radius of school. Options as follow

  • One way
  • Two way
Yes. Anyways classrooms are fully cross ventilated

Pre-Primary Nursery l PPI | PPII

Cambridge Primary, I to V

Cambridge Lower Secondary, VI to VII

CBSE Middle School

Many parents have concerns on Parent care during child’s School shift over, We request the parents to rest over. Children in Kairos are in good hands. They may face little difficulty in facing the curriculum of Kairos in comparison with their previous school. Teachers act as facilitators and mentors in bridging. Our teachers are experts in understanding the abilities and learning speed of each child and anecdotal records are maintained accordingly. All we want parents is
  • to take active participation in Child’s growth and development
  • Attend all the orientations and PTMs without fail
  • Raise the concerns in MCB app periodically if any
  • Please don’t try to reach teacher by any means to communicate. We respect their personal space.
  • Read and follow strictly all the rules and regulations mentioned in the application form
  • Don’t miss to ask the child ‘What did you learn today
  • Active participation in Parent-Child project works

5% on Tuition fee for the second child

Child must complete his 2 ½ Years and six months of age to get admission in Nursery and 5 Years of age by 31 st of March for both CBSE and Cambridge grade-I
Yes. But absolutely not for the screening for admission. This will act as a prerequisite for the teacher to train the child further.
Footfalls are high each day. We are expecting good number of admissions for the first session itself.
Pre-Primary Periodical and ongoing assessments 2 on paper assessments a year Cambridge Primary Cambridge Primary Progression Tests of 3-6 stages. Ongoing skill assessments Cambridge Lower secondary Cambridge lower secondary Progression test Cambridge lower secondary check points CBSE Middle School As per the latest remodeling of Assessment structure by CBSE Board. 80-20 marking system. Internal assessments 20 marks and External 80. Two Periodical test, one half-yearly and one Annual examination Periodical assessments are for 10 marks. They include 5 marks for Pen & Paper test and 5 for multiple assessments (Quizzes, Oral test, concept maps, Exit cards, visual expressions etc,
Our curriculum supports
  • Individual activities and Group activities
  • Project-based learning in sciences
  • LSRW skill development in case of languages
  • Logical thinking, mental ability, and analytical thinking in instance of Math
  • English as first language, Hindi/Telugu
  • French or German as foreign languages
  • At Kairos we provide motivational sessions, Student special needs teacher and visiting counselor for children. For parents’-orientations, awareness programs, seminars, parenting sessions For teachers in campus teacher training center, Knowledge center, resource center.

    Parent-school and parent-teacher connect programs are given high priority in Kairos. We choose them to be the best channels to communicate. PTMs in Kairos are purely meant for student development. Parents are called every month for Teacher-connect Programs. They fall mostly on week-ends, keeping parents comfort in view,

    Like other International schools, Kairos is also facilitating best infra and CBSE and Cambridge curriculum for children. But we are different in that way
    • We at Kairos focus on Value-added and value-based education.
    • We focus on the holistic development of every single child.
    • The founder, director, senior level management, and other core team are with diverse knowledge and vast experience in acads
    • Kairos make sure to keep up the promises given to parents
    • On-going teacher training sessions throughout the year for rich learning environment
    At Kairos we our teaching and learning is for the development of below mentioned domains
  • Physical development
  • Emotional development
  • Cognitive development
  • Linguistic development
  • Social development
  • And also focus on
  • Value education
  • Life Skills
  • Gender-sensitive education
  • Queries on ECA & CCA What ECA do you provide? Performing arts
  • Dance & Drama
  • Music
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Photography
  • Games and sports
  • Basket ball
  • Football
  • Skating rink
  • Athletic track
  • And also indoor activities like Chess, Carroms and Yoga
  • What CCA do you provide?
  • Group activities
  • Individual activities
  • Seminars
  • Project
  • Student counsels
  • Lab activities
  • Debates
  • Club activities
  • Olympiad exams
  • Spell bee
  • Group activities
  • Individual activities
  • Seminars
  • Projects
  • Student counsels
  • Lab activities
  • Debates
  • Club activities
  • Olympiad exams
  • Spell bee
  • Queries On Teaching

    We are choosy in case of teachers. We strongly believe that the teachers of the school are the strongest pillars and they play a vital role in School education. They are the route(ROOT) cause for the child’s academic and skill development and growth. We hire only the qualified and certified teachers. They come from different cultural background
    We have teacher training sessions, resource centers, and knowledge centers for grooming of our teachers to keep up the international teaching standards

    Queries On Safety & Security

  • A well trained safety and security officer will monitor the safety and security of children in the premises and also during transportation.
  • CC Cameras survival
  • Home room teachers
  • Ayahs to help children
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Good touch and bad touch education
  • Strong back ground check on staff
  • Visitor management system