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Progressive Pedagogy

Methodology for Success

Our strategically evolved curricula and thoughtfully designed pedagogy help create awareness and skills in children to connect with themselves, others around them and society in general. Freedom to inquire, be curious and use their cognitive abilities under the empathetic guidance of the teachers goes a long way in developing their capabilities to the fullest. Kairos has a stellar culture and has developed an ambitious curriculum with contributions from our outstanding team.
Our pedagogical strategies pave the way for innovative learning by incorporating smart, interesting and effective teaching methods.

Learning is effective when it has a clear purpose

Based upon the Testing Results Students make connections between knowledge, concepts and skills. Students transfer knowledge and skills to a variety of contexts.
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Learning is effective when it is adapted and applied

At specific time Students take ownership and responsibility for their own learning. Students use what they already know to construct new understandings.

Learning is effective when it is personalized

A Students are appropriately challenged from their own starting points. Students can engage in meaningful and deliberate practice in lesson time.

Learning is effective when it is relational

Students hear the positive Responses engage in effective collaboration and build positive, safe relationships. Students are able to recognize mistakes as collective learning opportunities.

Two Core Outcomes

The long –term retention of valuable knowledge, concepts and skills.

The ability to apply the knowledge to different contexts and situations.