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Dr. Sumanth Reddy MV

Director’s Message

“At Kairos International School, the highest quality of education is sought to be provided at the crucial development stages of children, from Early Years 1 (EY1) to Grade XII. Our mission includes achieving academic excellence through self-discipline, motivation, critical thinking, concept-based learning, and community consciousness. Our students are encouraged to develop their full potential in a safe, supportive, fun, and nurturing environment. What makes Kairos international School distinctive is the comprehensive teaching approach, cutting-edge research, and evidence-based practices that are employed in the classroom. Learning is meant to be retained, which is possible in a fun, participative process where ideas are tossed around and thinking out-of-the-box are encouraged. With a vibrant classroom environment and dedicated staff, students are given the opportunity to succeed. “

Mrs. L.Krishna Sri

Principal's Message

“At Kairos, we believe our students should have every opportunity to develop skills, concepts, knowledge, and understanding through critical thinking, interaction, and application. By virtue of learning, one is able to grow personally, develop intellectual curiosity, connect socially, and be more responsible globally. Our approach to learning nurtures confidence and intellectual curiosity in our students, preparing them for success in further education and life beyond.” Mrs. L. Krishna Sri is a certified international educator with over 25 years of experience in international schools in Hyderabad, besides being a Department Chair in the South Carolina district of the United States of America. She holds Master’s degree with distinction from Madras University, and a B.Ed degree with an international teaching certificate. She was awarded as the “Most effective Principal” for her extraordinary contribution to the education sector by CSR under the Ministry of IT & Electronics, Govt. Of India. She was also awarded as “Best Principal of the Year” by ECDF in 2021.