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International School Exchange Programs

Kairos International School provides international education with an innovative learning environment by exposing the students to a wide range of cultures and heritage from all over the world. The aim of international collaboration is to create well-adjusted global citizens. These projects focus on bringing students of different countries together to foster cultural awareness and develop knowledge, skills and attitude to engage in lifelong cross-cultural learning and collaboration. Participating in student exchange programs can create a desire among students to visit that country to know more about its language, climate, cuisine, education system, etc. We are currently collaborating with London and Russian schools.
Students of Kairos International School have had the opportunity to interact through video conference, with Russian students. It gave them a first-hand experience of learning about the heritage, culture and practices of Russia. The students were equally excited and enthusiastic about sharing information about our country’s rich culture and vast diversity. The program took the Russian students on a virtual tour of Indian culture, art, festivals, dance forms, etc. The Russian teacher commented that “Indian children are so smart and artistic!”

Kairos International School students of stage 4 have had interactions with students from London School on the biomes of India. The London school students were fascinated and curious to know more about the extraordinary flora and fauna in India. Immersive learning through classroom connecting is a unique way of extending knowledge and helps in building more confident global citizens who can flourish in any soil.