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Campus Safety

Safety and hygiene – clean, uncluttered surroundings fosters healthy attitudes

Children, parents, and staff are protected by strict health and safety guidelines. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of the premises, furniture etc. ensures a healthy environment for our students.

Health and Safety Policy

Safety and Hygiene

Children, parents, and staff are protected by strict health and safety guidelines. Additionally, our Campus is regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our students. To ensure the best health of our children, we not only clean the floors and surfaces, but also wipe and disinfect educational materials, toys, tables, and chairs.


In addition to strict health and safety guidelines, we prioritize the security of our school campus. Our commitment extends to the use of state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance, ensuring the safety of children, parents, and staff.

We employ surveillance across our school premises. This advanced system plays a crucial role in safeguarding our children, parents, and staff, providing an additional layer of protection. The strategic placement of cameras ensures comprehensive coverage, contributing to a secure and reassuring environment for everyone within our school community.

Pest Control for Campus Hygiene

Ensuring the safety and hygiene of our campus is vital, and pest control plays a pivotal role in maintaining a clean and secure environment. Our comprehensive pest control measures are designed to safeguard the well-being of students, faculty, and staff. Regular inspections and targeted interventions contribute to a pest-free campus, promoting a conducive and healthy atmosphere for everyone in our community.