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Inculcating healthy, flourishing lifestyles through sports

The spirit of fair-play, healthy competition, and developing an innate sense of the importance of physical activity as a part of a regular routine is imparted to the students through various sports activities and physical education curriculum. Kairos International School has adequate facilities and it is a treat to watch children hop, skip, jump, run and indulge in activities with gay abandon.

Setting the right atmosphere for increased participation

A broad range of tasks, challenges and physical activities, including cooperative, competitive, athletic, adventurous and health-based contexts that are appropriate for each learning stage are designed to promote learners’ confidence, self-esteem, cognitive abilities and social skills.

Areas of development

What will students learn?

This subject is about learning to move and moving to learn. Learners develop skills through a wide variety of age-appropriate physical activities, including games, gymnastics and dance. As individuals and team members, they will:
Develop transferable skills promoting physical, cognitive and social development and become independent, critical and reflective movers and thinkers.

Outdoor Sports







Indoor Sports



Table Tennis