The world belongs to a progressive generation.

Just like time progresses and ushers in a new age of thinking, hope and action, every new generation of children brings with them the possibilities of a future that we probably have little imagined of. One, that’s made of their ideas, their imagination and their thinking. Because it’s a world that will belong to them, and rightly so, they would want their world, their way. At Kairos, we are of the belief that every child should be prepared to make their contribution to the world that’s for them. We are preparing them for it, with knowledge and teaching in an environment that furthers both.

In Greek, Kairos means ‘the right opportune moment’, and the logo unit of Kairos is representative of that. Because to make the most of an opportunity, needed is the fine integration of knowledge, teaching and the right environment.

kairos international school

A Campus That’s Complete in Every Way.

In the 21st century, if you seek to prepare your child for global challenges, needed is a campus that has been thought-through, and not just well-designed. Kairos International  School is an outcome of that thinking, which has the infrastructure to address contemporary trends in education. It’s a work of a team comprising reputed architects and educational consultants who know what it takes to make digital-age schooling effective. The campus is purpose-built and safe, with ample open learning spaces needed to drive joyful and experiential programmes that make the experience of schooling stay for life.


Kairos International School aims to provide a careful integration of knowledge, curriculum and child friendly environs for a holistic development of the child towards accomplishing them as responsible global citizens sensitive to the society around, to empathize and care for the environment.


“To be an institution of excellence which nurtures the students to be Confident, responsible and contributing members of the world. Kairos International School envisions world citizens in its students and strives to impart intellectually stimulating knowledge.”

This imaginative and resourceful campus caters to students, right from Nursery to Grade VIII.
  • Open, airy and well ventilated surroundings

  • Landscaped play areas, vast sports field and indoor sports complex

  • Air-conditioned e-classrooms

  • Exclusively-designed ELC, Junior and Senior Wing

  • Wi-Fi & Technology-enabled infrastructure, ICT, Science and Language labs

  • Automated Library-Media Centre

  • Studios for Dramatics, Dance, Yoga, Arts & Craft

  • Hygienic kitchen and dining facilities

  • Continuous electronic surveillance of the campus

kairos international school

Our Campus

Kairos International School has its roots formed from KAIROS EDU SERVICES PTE ,SINGAPORE which believes in the fine integration of knowledge, teaching, and the right environment is needed for the growth of students.


  • Provide the student with learning that equips him/her to be a confident, knowledgeable and contributing citizen of the world

  • Make learning and excellence a wholesome package of knowledge, value sets and sports as its constituents

  • Enable a student to understand, analyse and deduce.

  • Inculcate an interest for sports to cherish a healthy body.

  • Nurture a student to be stable, emotionally and psychologically.

  • Mentor them with values sets that encourage them to be outstanding individuals.

Values of today are virtues for life.

Kairos international School has been established to impart age-specific curriculum to bring out the best academic traits in the children of 21st while emphasizing on their emotional, intellectual, analytical and physical development through methodical learning approaches. The school endeavours to create a warm, friendly and multi-diversity environment for both students and teachers, aiming to propagate values we believe are necessary for the world that’s taking shape.

Kairos international School believes that all of would contribute towards empowering a child into an Independent knowledgeable person with the right set of values, one who is able take confident strides in any part of the world.

Teachers teach with example, led by example.

kairos international school

Kairos International School will be following Cambridge curriculum from Nursery to Grade VIII which is an experiential and interaction based process of teaching and learning. It will be upgraded to IGCSE.

The teachers at Kairos work in many areas for student progress:

  • Promote and ensure an air of bonhomie and camaraderie amongst children
  • Help children deal with the challenges of growing up and the pressures that come along the way
  • Find ways for children to get creative and look at problems from new perspectives
  • Better their view of the world, guide them on the right path as and when they seem to go off-track
  • Enable them with solutions to find ways to problems that seem tasking for them
  • Sustain the belief in quality and why one should keep it up even after stepping out of the corridors of the school
  • Open up doors for them as and when they prove their skills and are yearning for platforms to showcase it to the world
  • Most importantly, help them connect with the society and make them understand their role.

While these are not the only roles of the teachers, they are what make an essential part of their teaching and focus on every child.

Our Strength

Director's Message

kairos international school

Dr Sumanth Reddy MV

At Kairos International School, Kairos strive to provide the highest quality of education serving grades nursery to VIII and move on further to IGCSE. Our mission includes the achievement of academic excellence by promoting self-discipline, motivation, critical thinking, concept based learning, and community consciousness.

We provide an effective international education in a safe, supportive, fun, and nurturing environment that enables our students to achieve their fullest potential. The comprehensive teaching approach, cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices employed in the classroom, is what makes the Kairos international School a special place to learn and develop.

Kairos believe learning should be life long and for that to be so; students should be given the opportunity to enjoy the process of learning new skills and new ideas. Our vibrant classrooms and dedicated staff offer students the opportunity to excel. We are focussed on delivering the best opportunities for learning and we want you to enjoy living and studying here while ensuring compliance with new, socially-distanced ways of working.


Principal's Message

kairos international school

Mrs.L.Krishna sri is   internationally certified educator. She worked in South Carolina district of United States of America as department chair and also worked in top international schools in Hyderabad. Krishna sri has done her Masters in Science from Madras University with distinction. She has also done her B.Ed with international teaching certificate. She is also certified in IGCSE BIOLOGY. In her 25 years as an educator, Ms. Krishna sri served as a Lecturer, department chair, Headmistress. Under her leadership, she promoted highest standards of education.

Kairos fervently believe that our pupils should be given every chance to develop skills, concepts, knowledge and understanding through critical thinking, interaction, application and self-reflection. Subsequently, learning facilitates personal growth, intellectual curiosity, social connectivity and global responsibility. Our approach to learning nurtures confidence and intellectual curiosity in our students, preparing them for success in further education and life beyond.

At Kairos international school, we moved our classrooms online keeping in mind the current crisis due to COVID 19 pandemic. “e Learning doesn’t just “happen”! It requires careful planning and implementation.” -The management and Principal envisioned that a well-designed comprehensive digital learning program was the need of the hour. Hence we adapted to online mode of teaching by training the teachers and providing the infrastructure for the effective conduct of the online classes. Parents were also oriented on it to access the program.