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Admission Process

Children at Kairos International School are nurtured in an environment that empowers them to be leaders of the 21st century. In ensuring Quality in Education, we have created an environment where learning is experiential, progressive, and lifelong. The admission procedure at Kairos is as simple and parent friendly as the learning process. To become a part of the Kairos family, simply follow these steps:
Step 1

Enquiry For Admission

You can submit an online Enquiry Form or visit the school’s admissions office. Upon receiving your questions and obtaining the necessary information, our counsellor will contact you.

Step 2

Meet The Counselor

If you have any questions during the application process or the school visit, our counsellor will be able to answer them and provide you with a better understanding of how school works and how it can benefit your child.

Step 3

Campus Tour

For parents/guardians to understand the school’s culture and ethos, they are welcome to visit the school campus. Having a well-designed campus with a vast landscape gives your children the opportunity to engage in a wide range of curricular and fitness activities alongside their educational activities.

Step 4


To complete the registration process and receive the school prospectus, parents must visit the school Admission Office, fill in the registration form, and pay the registration fee of 2000/-. After filling out the form, please print it out, complete the details, and submit a hard copy to the school.

Step 5


Since we follow Cambridge’s curriculum, we ensure that the students applying are well-assessed and capable of handling the challenges and preparing for the curriculum. To provide the appropriate assistance to children, we must understand their IQ levels. We have an oral assessment for students entering kindergarten through primary school and a written assessment for students from 1st through 9th grade.

Step 6

Admission Confirmation And Payment of Fees

Parents will receive an admission offer once the above steps have been satisfactorily completed, and they may confirm their admission by paying the applicable fees.

Step 7

Parent Orientation Program

Before the start of the new academic year, there will be a parent orientation program. The purpose of this program is to familiarize parents with the school’s Vision, Mission and Ecosystem.