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Dance & Music

Music occupies a central role in the daily life of our pupils. We provide daily, our pupils are given every opportunity to experience the enjoyment of exploring and making music on their terms. Our Music curriculum is designed to be flexible so learners can perform by singing all forms of music and playing musical instruments. We promote the musical development of all students including those who have existing musical skills and also others who do not have a natural aptitude. We encourage skills such as a sense of pitch or rhythm. Our learners explore the sounds made by different musical instruments, they consider the quality of each sound source, create short rhythm patterns, work together on a voice piece, and transfer rhythm patterns from voice piece to body percussions (stamping, snapping, clapping or tapping).we encourage our learners to think critically and creatively as musicians. Our learners are given opportunities to apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in as many contexts as possible.

Music fosters creativity and builds confidence. It helps learners to express themselves and shows them the importance of communication as they learn to connect with other musicians and with audiences

What will students learn?

Learners explore music as performers, composers and informed listeners. They make, understand and appreciate music from different cultures, times and places, helping them to develop leadership and collaboration skills as well as self-confidence.

Cambridge Primary Music learners:

How is the programme taught?

Cambridge Primary Music is designed to be flexible so learners can perform through singing and playing musical instruments of any kind (as well as found objects and music technology). We recommend that learners experience music from their own culture as well as explore music from other times and places.

The programme is designed to complement, rather than replace, instrumental or singing lessons. Technology is an essential part of music-making today. The internet provides learners with instant access to all forms of music and different kinds of musical instruction and performance. Our learners can use music software to create and manipulate their own and others’ music at the Lower secondary level. They can also use software to build and refine skills in using music notation