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Student Led Conference’22

Student led conference in spirit makes the child to be the master of his/her own learning, with this view in mind, the students of Kairos international grandly presented their knowledge to their parents at school. Parents were invited to school to view the presentations of their wards. The Grand Presentation is an endeavor to showcase the dexterity of budding learners. The event was organized on 15 th October, 2022 at the school. All the classes were decorated with the concepts learned in order to impress the audience. The parents were then guided to the respective classes. The occasion showcased the innate talents of the students before the dignitaries and parents. The cherry on the cake was added by the presentations of stage 8& 9 students where they made working models. Parents were captivated by the colourful display of the models made by students. The students were able to capture the attention of the audience with their estimable presentations. The words of encouragement from the parents helped to build on the confidence of the students. Parents were extremely happy and proud of their ward’s presentations. The event also displayed the showmanship and confidence of the students. The entire event was a huge success as the parents and the visitors thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.