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Grand Success and Celebrations of Shangri-La and Odyssey the Annual Concert.

A cheerful ‘Kairos’ Annual Day celebration.

The annual day of Kairos International School was celebrated with gaiety. Former Medchal District Collector MV Reddy Garu and Kairos Chairman M. Venkat Reddy Garu inaugurated the event on Sunday. School Chairman M. Venkat Reddy Garu organized a program called ‘Around the World Odyssey’ to educate children about the civilizations, cultures, customs and lifestyles of different countries of the world as part of the anniversary. Students from different classes of the school presented impressive theatrical performances about their countries’ living conditions. A total of 20 countries were represented, including America, Turkey, China, Brazil, Africa, Spain, Colombia, Cuba, and Turkey. Kairos MD M. Sumanth Reddy, Principal Kashnasree and teaching staff participated in this program. Overall it was a splendid event with lots of merriment and learning.