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Pre – Primary Purple color Day Celebrations

Pre – primary Purple colour day celebrations:

The colour purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth. To make the pre-primary students aware of purple colour, the PURPLE DAY was celebrated at Kairos International school on 27th January , 2023.Purple Colour Day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary to acquaint the little buds with the concept of purple colour.

Children were given a thorough understanding about purple colour through fun filled activities. The little ones got engaged in thumb and palm printing, free hand symmetry drawing and colouring, collage pasting etc.

The teachers guided the little ones to display their creativity. The activities helped in exercising their gross motor and artistic skills, recognizing colour cues through touch and feel.

The little ones enjoyed the activity and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of purple colour very well. Thus the purpose of purple colour day celebration was successfully fulfilled they enjoyed the purple colour day, which was fun and informative to the little inquisitive minds of our school.